Our Story

We (Ryan & Olga) started Forza Natura in 2021 with one goal in mind: to help people reconnect with the force of nature through the wonder of herbal tea. Our busy lives, and the 24-hour culture of the modern world, can disconnect us from nature. And we believe passionately that nature has a positive force and is good for us.

While travelling through the countryside of Olga’s home country of Moldova, we were fascinated to witness a culture that was intrinsically linked to nature. Moldova’s landscape is defined by ancient forests, rolling green hills, winding rivers and vast meadows of wildflowers, making it home to an abundance of flora and fauna that is among the richest in the world. For rural Moldovans, herbal tea foraged from this extraordinary diversity of natural plants growing around them is a way of life, enjoyed for centuries for their taste and health-boosting powers. The more we explored this majestic untouched corner of Europe, the more passionate we became about introducing its wonders to people in the UK. After teaming with a local farm in Moldova that is committed to growing herbal teas as close to nature as possible, Forza Natura was born!

Our aim at Forza Natura is to help bring you the feeling of having picked wild plants straight from the earth and into your cup. No chemicals or additives: just 100% natural herbal tea that will help you reconnect with the force of nature.


Forza Natura – which translates as the ‘Force of Nature’ – represents the values that inspire everything we do.

Forza Natura is founded on a belief in the force of herbal teas to improving our health, both mental and physical. Be it for an energising wake-up, a soothing calm before bed, or a boost to the immune system – we are passionate about delivering the beneficial force of nature in every brew.

That is why our teas are grown according to nature, using traditional farming methods that work with the earth rather than against it, untouched by intensive agriculture and its use of chemicals and additives. Our Moldovan farmers take immense pride in their local produce and use their experience and knowledge to grow only the highest quality plants. Forza Natura is therefore a celebration of heritage: a celebration of how working in harmony with nature yields truly unbeatable results.

So we are committed to sourcing only 100% natural products, with absolutely no additives whatsoever – ever!


Although we call herbal teas like chamomile and peppermint ‘tea’ – technically they aren’t tea. That is because ‘tea’ refers only to drinks made from the camellia senesis plant – the plant from which black, green and white tea is made.

While the camellia sensesis plant accounts for most of the tea drunk around the world – and over three-quarters of the tea drunk in the UK – for centuries herbal tea has been enjoyed for its taste and medicinal benefits.

Forza Natura’s mission is to champion the force of nature and to make sure more people in the UK benefit from 100% natural herbal tea!

We offer a wide range of health-boosting herbal teas, from popular staples such as chamomile and mint, to more rare medicinal plants such as milk thistle, lemon balm, echinacea and hawthorn.


To ensure the quality and traceability of our products, all of Forza Natura’s herbs are sourced from a single farm in Moldova that we know shares our passion for nature, sustainable farming and world-class tea. We source very small amounts of the camellia senesis plant from outside Moldova for a few of our blends to provide balance to the herbal infusion.

We’re committed to preserving the force of our natural environment and that’s why we source our teas sustainably and package them in a way that’s better for the environment. 


We’ve sought to provide information on the benefits of each tea and the best way to brew it – but don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions!

We’re grateful to you for choosing Forza Natura and for sharing our passion for excellent natural herbal tea. Multumesc (Thank you)!